Human Resources Policy

    SAR MAKİNA believes that it has achieved its success with the strength and support of its employees and its most important value is its human resources.

    • It acquires quality manpower with the knowledge and skills required by its duty,
    • Provides an effective and transparent communication and motivation environment where employees can use their creativity and express their opinions,
    • Measures employee satisfaction and develops processes through continuous improvement activities,
    • Follows a participatory management policy that combines different perspectives and know-how,
    • Supports continuous learning and development by prioritizing the personal and professional development of its employees,
    • Evaluates and encourages high performance by evaluating employee performance through objective criteria,
    • Innovative always offers the best to its employees by implementing human resources practices that support corporate culture and which are non-discriminatory and objective.
    • We pay attention to the practices respectful to human rights within our structure, invite all of our stakeholders to have this flow angle, and follow them under the leadership of our social compliance officer.

    The basis of SAR MAKİNA Human Resources practices is our common values. The shared values shared by our employees have a great importance in the success of our company and the future with confidence.

    These values are; sensitivity to the traditions and values of our society, reliability and honesty, work focused on internal and external customer satisfaction, teamwork and solidarity, mutual respect and love is a friendly environment, innovation and creativity, continuous development and self-confidence.

    Recruitment: It is essential that the personnel to be recruited have compliance with common values as well as duty-specific competencies. Career planning, remuneration and individual development policies are formed within the framework of performance evaluations per year for our employees.

    Training: Training needs of our personnel are analyzed every year and annual training planning is done. Trainings concentrate on vocational, social and foreign languages.

    Internship: A social responsibility enables high school and university students who want to do internship during summer and winter periods.

    Reward and Suggestion System: Every staff member is encouraged to make suggestions and those who make appropriate suggestions are rewarded within our system. In addition to this, thanks to the personnel who completed their 5th, 15th and 25th years of seniority in the celebration of the anniversary of the transition to production at the end of each year, gifts and gifts are given.

    Our Social Activities: Our sporting activities, various purpose parties, social activities such as our SAR MAKİNA festival, social development of our staff, strengthening of mutual relations and a pleasant working environment is trying to create.