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Vacuum Evaporator  SM – VE 2000

  • Regarding increasing cost of the raw materials , and of labour cost created several problems as well as the laws regulating industrial waste waters and healt protection at work. 

  • SM VE 2000  has  enormous versatility and special features enable to effectively solve a big variety of problems,from water treatment to the distillation or concentration of chemical substance.

  • SM VE 2000  works with the principle of vacuum evaporation and is supplied exclusively with electicity , provide cost effective distllation by heat pump induced circulation of a cooling medium.

Description of the Equipment 

  • SM-VE 200   is an evaporator/concentrator which obtains the distillation of liquids at low temperature through the combined effect of vacuum technology and the heat pump.

  • The working scheme is as follows:

  • Through a frigorific circuit, the heat pump carries out the compression and expansion of the refrigerating gas, thus providing thermal energy for both the evaporation and the condensation.

  • Refrigerating gas leaves the compressor at approx. 19-20 barg (heated up to approximately 70-80 oC) and send back to the suction side of compressor at low pressure of approx. 6 barg.

  • The thermal exchange takes place within the coil which is located in the lower part of the boiling chamber, and vapours condense on the surfaces of the coil which is located in the upper part of the boiling chamber.

  • At boiling, temperature is approximately 35°C and the residual pressure is approximately 50 mbar.

  • The exceeding heat is dissipated by means of a water cooled heat exchanger. Vacuum is created by a circuit consisting of a pump, ejector and a distillate receiver with inside coils. Distillate has to be cooled to approximately 15-25 °C, thus improving the ejector performance. The feeder valve is controlled by the level control placed in the boiling chamber and the discharge valve for the concentrate is operated automatically at the end of the duty cycle or can be operated manually.

Intended Use

  • SM-VE 2000   has been designed for the distillation of water based waste liquid derived from the sump of a wet scrubber which removes acidic fumes from spelter baths of a copper wire production plant. This equipment can treat those mixtures within fixed concentration values.


SM – VE 2000


Evaporator tank material

Material of heating cooling coils

Vacuum tank

Heat Pump Board power

Heat pump Unit energy consumption

Heat Pump Cooler Media

Chasis Platform Material

Chasis Platform Material

2000 L / Day

AISI 316 Body 5 mm , Camber5 mm

AISI 316

AISI 316 Body 3 mm

25 kw

200 Watt/L( +/- % 10 )


AISI 304

1250mm x 2500mm x 2500mm



Vacuum Evaporator