Quality Policy

    It is our most important job to satisfy our customers. It is our most important goal to ensure that our products and services have the features that our customers want, and to provide our customers with cost-effective and timely delivery.

    Our customers are the focus of our business. We always do our job in accordance with the expectations of our customers.

    Continuous improvement is the basis of our success. We aim to do better for every job we do. For this purpose, we constantly work to improve our processes in accordance with the law.

    Teamwork is our way of life. We are a family with our employees, suppliers, customers and related parties. We value, trust and respect each other, work together in harmony to reach our goals, we benefit from each other and grow together.

    As SAR MAKİNA, which operates in the machinery and energy sector, we spread these principles to all our team members and make them a life style.