Environment Policy

    Compliance and Sustainability with Environmental Laws and Regulations

    To ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to the environment at every stage of our activities.

    To provide continuous improvement and progress in our management system by determining and following our environmental goals and targets.

    Prevention of Environmental Pollution

    Carry out activities to prevent environmental pollution at its source. To ensure the protection of the environment.

    Effective Use of Resources

    To maximize the use of renewable resources by using less resources such as electricity, natural gas, water and raw materials.

    Waste Management

    Reducing our wastes that cannot be prevented and ensuring their recovery.

    Reduce the negative impact of our non-recoverable waste on the environment.

    Training and Communication

    To make environmental awareness training and studies for all our team members.

    To share our environmental activities with our employees, suppliers and the society and to raise their awareness.


    Following new developments, using technologies that are less harmful to the environment as long as trading possibilities allow.

    As SAR MAKİNA, which operates in the machinery and energy sector, we spread these principles to all our team members and make them a life style.

    Company Director