SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler

  • SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler
  • SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler
  • SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler
  • SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler
  • SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler
  • SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler


  • Loading and unloading of the reel is done automatically by pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.
  • Pneumatic type design is fixed and the other is pneumatic or hydraulic movable
  • AC Motor with Brake
  • Motor speed control is provided by magnetic current vector controlled frequency inverter.
  • Line speed synchronization is performed by a potentiometer in the tanzer arm.
  • The movement of the wire travel system is controlled by the frequency inverter controlled by A.C. With the electric motor, the direction changing movement is provided by a pneumatic system
  • The wire tension control is made by pneumatic crosps (using thinner conductors in counter-weight).
  • The adjusted wire tension is kept constant until the reel is full.
  • Based on customer demand; winders can be designed to operate at 600 m / min line speed.


  • Wire travers system is driven by servo motor control

SSS 800

Wire Bending ReelDiameter

Production Speed Range

Compressed Air Consumption


Speed Control

Game Twin



Measuring systems

Warning systems

Measuring systems

Safety measures




V Max 15 m / s   and  V Min 1 m / s

60 Liters / basket change

Coiler , Portal dizayn

Synchronizes machine speed as gauges or torque control

Welded construction

Electric motor with V-belts

Pneumatic driven disc brake

Meter counter

Wire break detector

Speedometer m / s Meter counter and Target meter

Doors are electro-mechanically locked Safety brake, emergency stop brake Belt, drive casings Control of basket changes with optical sensors


SSS 800 Type Wire Spooler